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What is Legionella?

The Legionella organism is a Gram negative, rod shaped bacterium that can cause pneumonia (Legionnaires’ disease) or a flu-like illness (Pontiac fever). It was first identified and recognized as causing disease during the outbreak that occurred in conjunction with the American Legion Convention in Philadelphia in 1976. There are over 50 species of Legionella and 18 of those can cause disease. It is thought that the species Legionella pneumophila causes most of the infections.

Legionella is a fastidious organism, meaning it has specific growth requirements that need to be met in order for it to survive and grow. Some of these growth requirements are:

Unlike some other bacteria, it can survive at lower temperatures (even below freezing), at lower dissolved oxygen levels and is somewhat resistant to chlorine disinfection. Certain plastics and organics can provide nutrients for growth. These attributes make our modern day plumbing systems a good habitat for the organism.

Legionella Testing Kit

Test the water in your home or building for Legionella. 

This kit allows you to submit a water sample for testing at our laboratory.

While a positive result is bad news, it is better to know immediately so that you can take remedial action and protect yourself and others from exposure to Legionella which may cause Legionnaires disease.


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An Overview of Legionella

The first recognized outbreak of Legionnnaires’ Disease occurred in the US at the American Legion Convention in Philadelphia during the summer of 1976.

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About Legionella Testing Laboratories
by EMSL Analytical

Legionella Testing Laboratories by EMSL Analytical is the Nation’s Leading Legionella Testing Laboratory. We provide all of your needs for testing with an emphasis on potable water, cooling towers, and buildings. From a single water sample to thousands, our legionella testing labs can meet all of your legionella testing needs.

When you want to be sure that your water sources are safe before selling them to others, come see us!

With CDC Elite and ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories, you can rest assured that not only will our legionella testing labs yield high-quality results but also that they will be accurate.

Legionella Testing Laboratories has been serving customers nationwide since 1981 helping them identify potential risks posed from contaminated air systems due to exposure of cooling towers, drinking fountains, tankless hot showers etc., our expertise includes everything from legionella testing for compliance, to legionella risk assessments.

Legionellosis is a water-borne disease caused by the bacteria Legionella pneumophila. The bacterium can cause severe pneumonia that could be fatal in 5% of patients. Legionnaires’ Disease was first identified after an outbreak at the American Legion convention in Philadelphia in 1976 grew out of the investigation of a series of pneumonia cases. Legionella bacteria is found naturally in freshwater, such as ponds and streams that evaporate. However, human activities can speed up its growth by providing conditions for the bacterium to flourish. This includes cooling towers, air conditioning systems and hot water tanks.

Legionella Testing Laboratory’s programs include: Legionella Sampling, Legionella Testing Labs, and Cooling Tower Samples. The company’s focus is on water safety and providing customers with results they can rely upon. For anyone who needs to determine the levels of 1) bacteria and 2) other contaminants in their supply water or still water we will provide a report that meets your requirements.

For more details call or contact Legionella Testing Laboratories, the Nation’s Leading Legionella Testing Laboratory, below!


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Our test kits offer simple, easy-to-follow instructions that allow both the do-it-yourself or the field professional an added testing service as part of an inspection or prevention strategy. All kits include pre-paid postage and a variety of turnaround options including same-day!

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