Legionella Testing Kit

Test the water in your home or building for Legionella. This kit allows you to submit a water sample for testing at our laboratory.

While a positive result is bad news, it is better to know immediately so that you can take remedial action and protect yourself and others from exposure to Legionella which may cause Legionnaires disease.

About Legionella Test Kits by EMSL Analytical

Legionella test kits are used to identify the cause of legionellosis (legionnaire’s disease), a type of pneumonia.

The most common tests for Legionella use charcoal and agar plates. For example, taking a tissue or sputum specimen and putting it in an agar plate that contains water droplets with mixed droplets containing artificial sea salt and potassium tellurite will make bacteria grow if they’re present. The bacteria will create a deep black color, making them easily visible under the microscope.

A Legionella test kit is actually a specialized laboratory test that can identify if legionella bacteria are growing in your water system. The laboratory overnight culture method provides the most accurate assessment, but it requires certain criteria to be met. The assay results are not certified unless the following conditions are met: free chlorine levels calibration pH levels > 6 mg/L (~1ppm) reduction time > 10 minutes contact time with cationic agents ~ 4 hours temperature 16-28°C temperature ≥ 20°C retention time ≥ 24 hours duration of Legionella growth.

When you want to be sure that your water sources are safe before selling them to others, come see us for a legionella test kit!

With A2LA accreditation, ISO/IEC 17025 standard compliance in both US and international markets, you can rest assured that not only will our legionella test kits yield high-quality results but also that they will be accurate enough to meet any governmental guidelines in use in any country.

Legionella Testing Laboratories has been providing legionella test kits and serving customers nationwide since 1981 helping them identify potential risks posed from contaminated air systems due to exposure of cooling towers, drinking fountains, tankless hot showers etc., our expertise includes everything from legionella testing for compliance, to legionella risk assessments.

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