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EMSL Analytical, Inc.’s legionella testing laboratories is the Nation’s Leading Legionella Testing Laboratory. We provide all of your needs for testing with an emphasis on potable water, cooling towers, and buildings from a single sample to thousands in volume our labs can meet any need related to legionella.

When you want to be sure that your water sources are safe for others, come see the best Legionella Testing Lab.

With AIHA accreditation, ISO/IEC 17025 standard compliance in both US and international markets you can rest assured that not only will our Legionella testing labs yield high-quality results but they’ll also be accurate enough to meet any governmental guidelines used for legionellosis tests anywhere.

EMSL Analytical, Inc.’s legionella testing laboratories has been serving customers nationwide since 1981, helping them identify potential risks posed by contaminated air systems due to exposure of cooling towers and drinking fountains. We perform Legionella testing for compliance as well as risk assessments that can be tailored specifically toward your needs with our expertise including everything from analyzing water samples in tanks or showerheads up through regulatory reports required by law before installing new plumbing fixtures like lavatories on the property where there is no known history involving this type bacteria infection (legionellosis).

Legionellosis is a water-borne disease caused by the bacteria Legionella pneumophila. The bacterium can cause severe pneumonia that could be fatal in 5% of patients. Legionnaires’ Disease was first identified after an outbreak at the American Legion convention in Philadelphia in 1976 and grew out of the investigation of a series of pneumonia cases. Legionella bacteria is found naturally in freshwater, such as ponds and evaporating streams. However, human activities can speed up its growth by providing conditions for the bacterium to flourish. This includes cooling towers, air conditioning systems, and hot water tanks.

EMSL Analytical, Inc.’s legionella testing laboratories programs include a comprehensive testing service that provides customers with results they can rely upon. For anyone who needs to determine the levels of bacteria and other contaminants in their supply water or still waters, we will provide you with an accurate report for your specific requirements.

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