Where To Look

When conducting your building water system investigation, walk-through, or risk assessment use this section to help you identify all potential Legionella reservoirs in the building. If conducting an investigation due a suspected case or outbreak, also survey the surrounding neighborhood to identify any cooling towers, wastewater treatment facilities, storm water/gray water re-use facilities (i.e. golf course spray irrigation water systems), or ornamental fountains that may be located near the building in question. If necessary, obtain permission to sample these off-the-property. Also identify and visually inspect all the building fresh-air intakes/pedestrian walkways with respect to these neighborhood locations.

  1. Potable water systems
  2. Cooling towers
  3. Water walls
  4. Aerosol generation during the biological treatment of some industrial process wastewater streams ie., pulp and paper manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing
  5. Aerosol generation during municipal water and wastewater treatment
  6. Raw, utility or fire water
  7. Ornamental outdoor and indoor water fountains and ponds
  8. In-home birthing pools
  9. Hot tubs
  10. Humidifiers/CPAP Machine Water Reservoirs
  11. Metal working fluids
  12. Medical therapy equipment like dialysis units, nasogastric tubes, respiratory equipment and nebulizers, whirlpool baths
  13. Commercial car wash facilities particularly those using recycled water
  14. Supermarket vegetable misters
  15. Ice machines in hotels and hospitals
  16. Outdoor body misters at ballparks and amusement parks
  17. Use of tap water in place of manufactured windshield cleaner fluid
  18. Fog Machines
  19. Ultrasonic Dental Descalers
  20. Storm water/gray water spray irrigation systems
  21. Street cleaning machines